[RC5] 999 to 1000 blocks and P5: MMX vs Classic

Mike S wickedchicken at plasticpenguins.com
Mon Jan 12 16:41:16 EST 2004


> As far as I know, there is no MMX core for RC5-72.  Back in the days of 
> RC5-64 there were a lot more Pentium 1 MMX's around, but now there 
> probably isn't much demand for an MMX core.

I experimented with an MMX core for the AMD K6-2, which has a very nice 
implementation of MMX/3dNow!. I actually managed to beat the fastest 
core (Decio's 2-pipe, if I recall correctly) by a small margin for 
RC5-72 rouds up to about 10 or so, but after 10 rounds my core lost a 
lot of speed. I eventually gave up. I still have the code somewhere, and 
I may take it up if I ever run out of thigns to do (which isn't likely).

wickedchicken at plasticpenguins.com

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