[RC5] 999 to 1000 blocks and P5: MMX vs Classic

Nuno Lourenço nunol27 at sapo.pt
Tue Jan 13 20:54:06 EST 2004

I bet there is still more total cpu power with Pentium MMX than with some
other type of non  x86 cpus. After all they were Intel best seller for a
Nuno Lourenço

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> As far as I know, there is no MMX core for RC5-72.  Back in the
> days of RC5-64 there were a lot more Pentium 1 MMX's around, but
> now there probably isn't much demand for an MMX core.
> ***
> Isn't it still a good idea to develop one? Increased efficiencies of older
> machines can only help, and the code should be relatively (?) easy to
> transpose from 64 to 72.

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