[RC5] 999 to 1000 blocks and P5: MMX vs Classic

Per Hallström phand03 at student.vxu.se
Wed Jan 14 03:04:37 EST 2004

>> Yes, it's true if you have a internet connection available or if you 
>> have
>> access to the computer every week or so. What if you only have access 
>> every
>> 50 days, or 150 days? The computer stops at 999 blocks and in the 
>> case of a
>> fast computer you lose several thousand blocks.
> Download bigger blocks.
> Can proxies store more than 999 blocks?

I simply rename buff-in.r72 to IN1, download again, rename to IN2 and 
so on. Then I use -import to create one large buffer. I also have no 
problems with large amounts of done work. Right now there is about 
1,500 work units in the out buffer, so there seems to be no problem 
with that either.

The proxy has no problem handling many thousands work units. I read 
200,000 or 2,000,000 somewhere, but I'm not sure. 999 blocks should be 
no problem though =)

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