[RC5] custom cd

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Tue Jan 20 09:08:39 EST 2004

Aaron Kramer wrote:
> has anyone made a custom linux cd-rom image they are willing to share 
> for rc5?
> the custom cd would
> - boot
> - support at least 2 processors (smp)
> - have a configurable IP address, subnet mask, def gateway, dns
> - nfs client share out to a server (local subnet) for the rc5 client, 
> and point to the share for in and out buffers, and a local subnet rc5 
> proxy server....
> before i go build one myself, was wondering if anyone has done this 
> already and is willing to share?

why go thru the throes of doing the cd thing when you could likely mangle it in on a coyotelinux floppy disk?

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