[RC5] RC5-72 buffer files and old assigned blocks

VovansystemS nikolaev at tut.by
Tue Jul 13 14:45:57 EDT 2004

Hello nations :)

> Having a purely linear algorithm would defeat the purpose of having
> proxies, since the proxies would need to know which blocks have been 
> distributed by other proxies. As far as I know (I'm just guessing), the 
> master distributes "superblocks", and the proxy servers distribute 
> smaller blocks. From experience with RC5-64, if you want larger blocks 
> (for larger effective buffers), launching a few dnetc processes works 
> well, since it downloads blocks faster, preventing other clients from 
> disrupting your big blocks with smaller blocks.
I don't understand what you mean under "big blocks". And what is the
reason of using several processes of dnetc if it is avaible
"maxservers" option in dnetd..

Best Regards,
   VovansystemS from Belarus

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