[RC5] OGR-p2 block live time

Chris Jones fiddles at distributed.net
Tue Jul 13 23:47:04 EDT 2004

On 13-Jul-2004, Dead J. Dona wrote:
> Hi guys.
> Soory if already was the answer for this, but please tell me, how long
> server wait before re-asssigning ogrp2 block to somebody else.
> And anybody know a server with ogr-p2-24 blocks?
> Used, but they run out of them....

IIRC, we're getting near to being complete with OGR-P2-24.  At any rate, 
http://n0cgi.distributed.net/ogr-proxyinfo.html will show you how much
each server has left.

Chris Jones
fiddles at distributed.net
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