[RC5] building the client for Power4 or Power5

Lawrence Hannon hannone at us.ibm.com
Mon Jul 19 13:10:28 EDT 2004

I'm trying to build dnetc under AIX using later versions of the power 
processor. If I compile with anything but -q[arch,tune]=pwr (say by 
modifying the Makefile to compile with pwr3, pwr4), I get the following:

Undefined symbol: rc5_72_unit_func_KKS2pipes
Undefined symbol: rc5_72_unit_func_ppc_mh_2
Undefined symbol: rc5_72_unit_func_mh604e_addi
Undefined symbol: rc5_72_unit_func_mh603e_addi
Undefined symbol: rc5_72_unit_func_KKS604e

Any insight or suggestions as to what needs to be done?


Lawrence Hannon
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