[RC5] RC5-72 progress

VovansystemS nikolaev at tut.by
Thu Jul 29 14:38:10 EDT 2004

Hello nations :)

  Hmmm.. I want to ask about our RC5-72 today progress: how long will
  it gets (I mean how much time) to complete RC5-72 project?

  I  can't  calculate  it  because I haven't got any information about
  increasing  of  CPU power. Where can I get an average count of Mkeys
  on which RC5-72 project increases every month (for example). Beacuse
  if  you count an average time of completing RC5-72 using today's CPU
  power  we  can  get  about  1,000  years.  But  if  we  pognose some
  coefficient  by which CPU power increases we can guess how time tith
  project wil get.

Best Regards,
   VovansystemS from Belarus

my Winamp is not playing now

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