[RC5] RC5-72 progress

adrian adream608 at mac.com
Sat Jul 31 07:22:03 EDT 2004

im not sure about the g5 but my dual 1.25 ghz g4 xrunches at 26.3 mkeys/sec

i would assume that the  g5 would be quite a bit faster by the clock 
speed (2- 2.5 ghz)

although it may take a better g5 dnetc core to extract the best.... i 
havent heard of anyone getting 50 mkeys/sec out of their g5 !  yet..


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>On 31 jul 2004, at 11:01, Daniel Quintiliani wrote:
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>>>  ok , what if everyone switched over to g4 or g5's and got the
>>>  corresponding 6-7 fold increase in keys/s ?
>>  What do you mean? What is it an increase from? Are all other processors
>>  6-7 times slower than the G4s and G5s, even at the same GHz?
>A dual 3.06 GHz XEON machine crunched at about 6 MKeys/s if I 
>remember correctly, while a dual 2.0 GHz G5 crunches at about 30 
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