[RC5] Trendmicro and dnetc

Brad Tod brad_tod at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 3 19:28:17 EST 2004

I've heard of people with lap tops having that problem, is that what you have? If not then invest in a better heatsink fan.

José Pedro Ferreira <pedro.ferreira at fe.up.pt> wrote:Hi.
I got surprised today when I noticed that my antivirus (TrendMicro OfficeScan)
detected dnetc.com as a trojan. I quickly went to their site and found this: 



"This Trojan program has a payload of crashing the system, by using 100% of the
system's CPU utilization. In order for this malware to perform its payload,
there must be two copies of itself in the same directory. They both must have
the same file names, with .COM as the extension of one copy, and .EXE for the
other copy."

"Damage Potential: High"

Those guys on TrendMicro certainly don't know dnet. It would be good to warn
them, or their software will keep on cleaning the client from many systems.
Unfortunately, I can't run the client, because my processor overheats and halts
(even on the lowest priority). Isn't it possible to "slow down" the client, so
it becomes "lighter" to my processor?


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