[RC5] Trendmicro and dnetc

Mike S wickedchicken at plasticpenguins.com
Wed Mar 3 20:07:16 EST 2004

José Pedro Ferreira wrote:

> Isn't it possible to "slow down" the client, so
> it becomes "lighter" to my processor?

If it's not a laptop and it's not overclocked, then your machine should 
be designed to withstand 100% cpu usage all the time. I agree with
Brad that a better cooling system is in order. What happens if you want 
to crunch on an important program (say, for business) and your machine dies?

The only benefit a "retarded" client would have would be improved power 
savings, but if you're worried about power then why are you running the 
client in the first place?


wickedchicken at plasticpenguins.com

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