[RC5] Linux Distro - floppy

Aaron Kramer akramer69377 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 10 21:00:48 EST 2004

Spasibo balshoye

I can't say enough about this GAHNIX 
It's just what the RC5 (and OGR too) doctor ordered.
I do share out a buffer directory for each client, so the in/out buffers 
can be checkpointed...architecturally I've also kept a perproxy...keeps 
my stats centralized for me...
True, GB disks are cheap, but they take time to deploy and redeploy. I 
can leave them as is and boot gahnix floppy anytime...without 
reinstalling an OS, patching, and installing/configuring dnet client. 
I've also removed the need for a HD and a CDROM in each compute server I 
build...I suppose I have that luxury that I can build machines just for 
this purpose. Right now I am using Athlons 2400+ - seems like a decent 
price point for me. I don't know whether the gahnix distro would support 
2 CPUs (or more).

Thanks again, Roman!

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