[RC5] RC5 on laptops & CPU temperature

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Tue Nov 2 20:14:30 EST 2004

On 2 Nov, 2004, at 16:56, Martin Dundas wrote:

> When running rc5 of a laptop that I have, I've noticed that the CPU 
> cooling fan will run constantly while Dnet is active. Also the 
> underside of the computer feels much hotter than normal.
> Is the CPU in danger of overheating? If it is how do I get it to pause 
> dnet when the CPU reaches a set temperature, or run intermittently, 
> (periodically pausing)?

Any decent computer should be able to run at full capacity all day 
without anything bad happening. Anything short of that is very bad 
design. Running intermittently can work, if you can write a program to, 
say, create and remove a pausefile intermittently.

In my dnetc options, though, (under General Options), I have
  8) Pause if processor temperature thresholds are exceeded ? ==> no

I don't bother running dnetc on my laptop, because the fan is far too 

- Purr

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