[RC5] RC5 on laptops & CPU temperature

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At 18:56 2.11.2004, you wrote:
>When running rc5 of a laptop that I have, I've noticed that the CPU 
>cooling fan will run constantly while Dnet is active. Also the underside 
>of the computer feels much hotter than normal.

Laptop coolings solutions have less marginal for safety in 100% CPU 
utilization operation, but if the thing is in working order, it should not 
cause any problems (cleaning of the heatsink with a vacuum cleaner or a can 
of compressed air might be needed). If you are worried about the increase 
in the surface temperature, you could place the laptop, with the lid open, 
centered on a metal surface covering just 1/3 of the width (like the top of 
a tower desk machine chassis). The cooling fan and the CPU socket is 
usually to the side of the laptop, so this arrangement ensures minimum 
cooling air inflow resistance and also makes sure hot parts don't damage 
the surface below (unless the top of your tower is made from soft plastic...).

>Is the CPU in danger of overheating? If it is how do I get it to pause 
>dnet when the CPU reaches a set temperature, or run intermittently, 
>(periodically pausing)?

IIRC the temperature monitoring and pausing works only in Apple G3 and G4 
laptops. If you worry about the noise of the fan, you could use a task 
scheduler to run "dnetc.com -pause" and "dnetc.com -unpause" in a few 
minute intervals.


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