[RC5] RC5-72 on Blue Gene/L?

Brad Tod brad_tod at yahoo.ca
Wed Nov 10 16:16:31 EST 2004

PowerPC 744x/745x G4700rc5727,039,437.0080,397.001.142
BlueGene/L DD2 beta-System (0.7 GHz PowerPC 440)


the math

32768 x 7,039,437.00 = 230,668,271,616

thats 230billion keys/s
out current rate is 16,700,808,531,804,160 keys/s
thats 16 quadrillion keys/s
or Blue Gene is 1/72401 of our capacity 
we be doing good
Greg Lobring <globring at gmail.com> wrote:
Assuming that the Dnet client could run properly on and handle the #
of processors (I think there are over 8,000), it would be really cool
to fire up the client on IBM's Blue Gene/L machine and see what the
keyrate would be.

I imagine it would really bump me up in the stats!

Certainly I have no in-depth knowledge of the client's architecture to
know if its even feasible, but whenever I read stories about these
types of supercomputers, I find it funny that the first thing I think
about is how many keys it could crunch! I think I have been running
dnet too long!
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