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>Making your team only accessible to selected members:

>How your friends can join your team:

I sure for read when buy internet-card for some megabytes, I can only fetch/send mail right now. So, make word "selected" clear, please? Are there any form of discrimination/differentiation (sorry, if I use wrong/incorrect word, hope you understand my poorest piggin-english right) at d.net? How to become "selected member"?

>and again: good luck :)

Thanks. May be, you join me too. #;O{)> Main rule of my future team: all prize money would (another problem word... I mean future time, when we get prize) divided equally among team-members. Name of key-maker or any other conditions dosn't matter - all get same pie. Of course, member may renounce his pie beforehand, while joining or later, but he must not change decision after discovering the RC5-key. Good idea?

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>> >I think it's best to start here:
>> >http://www.distributed.net/docs/index.php.en
>> >good luck!
>> >Floris
>> I was there but find not about teams. May be, my eyes are soapped...
>Please, give me direct link to docs about team registering, joining and
>maintaining. Thanks beforehand.
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>> >Subject: [RC5] How to create team?
>> >> What I need to do? How to register team? How can my friends join? How
>> >restrict access to my team (for example, only RC5-72 calculating, only
>> >OS/2-users, only who know password... etc). Thanks.

Origin: Microsoft DOS... Xenix... OS/2... Nothing betokened disaster.
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