[RC5] New RC5-crack team

shiz0rat at real.xakep.ru shiz0rat at real.xakep.ru
Thu Nov 25 00:10:12 EST 2004

Hello. I glad to invite you to my own team "shiz0rat and his friends"
(well, right as "Helen et garcons" :)), which have different payment
politics. All "shiz0rat's friends", including winner, receive equal
share in capital. So, each of N members get 2000/N dollars. I think, it
is more honest and democratic. Otherwise owners of weak computers
discriminated, because they have less chance, but rich man with power
machine can grow more rich. Follow link below for additional

Thanks for attention. I rejoice beforehand at new member of my team.

Origin: DOS, Xenix, OS/2 - evolution of MS. Windows - degenerate path.
WBR, Vadim Tukaev (wah DEEM too KAH yeff) AKA shiz0rat
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