[RC5] How to configure client to leave idle CPU time?

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 7 07:56:14 EDT 2004

On 7 Sep, 2004, at 18:42, Wacław Schiller wrote:

> I want to configure ./dnetc not to use all of available CPU time.
> I know it doesn't eat up all my CPU time if there is anything to do, 
> the
> problem is that one of the Windows machines I want the client to setup
> at overheats if left at full usage for too long, and I'm looking for
> a way to configure it nevertheless.

Well, on the OSX client, there's a "Pause if processor temperature 
thresholds are exceeded" (in "general client options"), but I don't 
know if that also exists in Windows. It might be worth looking at, 

- Purr

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