[RC5] How to configure client to leave idle CPU time?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Tue Sep 7 09:20:32 EDT 2004

Wacław Schiller wrote:

> I want to configure ./dnetc not to use all of available CPU time.
> I know it doesn't eat up all my CPU time if there is anything to do, the
> problem is that one of the Windows machines I want the client to setup
> at overheats if left at full usage for too long, and I'm looking for
> a way to configure it nevertheless.

i'd instead be looking into the overheating problem... when was the last time that box was opened and dusted out? when was the last 
time it was opened and the fans checked for proper operation?

the poverheating problem could be due to lack of decent circulation due to cables blocking airflow... it could also be due to 
insufficient or too much thermal compound on the heatsink...

one should have these things checked and handled at least once a year to prolong the life of the box... mine are all dusted out at 
least twice a year whether they need it or not... then, while the covers are off, a quick power on to make sure the fans are all 
turning properly but not long enough to let it boot... then turned back off again, recovered and put back in place for return to 
normal operations...

FWIW: one of my machines has been in continuous operation other than the above mentioned procedure for over 10 years without any 
failures of any kind ;)

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