[RC5] How to configure client to leave idle CPU time?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Tue Sep 7 09:23:30 EDT 2004

Elektron wrote:

> On 7 Sep, 2004, at 18:42, Wacław Schiller wrote:
>> I want to configure ./dnetc not to use all of available CPU time.
>> I know it doesn't eat up all my CPU time if there is anything to do, the
>> problem is that one of the Windows machines I want the client to setup
>> at overheats if left at full usage for too long, and I'm looking for
>> a way to configure it nevertheless.
> Well, on the OSX client, there's a "Pause if processor temperature 
> thresholds are exceeded" (in "general client options"), but I don't know 
> if that also exists in Windows. It might be worth looking at, though.

that only works if there is tempurature sensors on the motherboard... one could also use something like MotherBoard Monitor and let
it execute CPUIDLE if one wanted to go that route... again, though, there has to be sensors on the motherboard and they have to be
reading properly...

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