[RC5] How to configure client to leave idle CPU time?

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 7 11:18:07 EDT 2004

> About month ago ;)
> It's just that it's a bit too hot for this CPU & fan. And I'm not 
> buying a new fan for
> a box on which nothing CPU-eating except dnetc is run. Hell, the most 
> CPU-eating
> apps there are browser and solitare.

Not really. dnet doesn't use the FPU, so it probably doesn't use quite 
as much power as it could. But for an old-ish computer, running it 
specifically for dnetc doesn't seem worthwhile.

> Maybe, I haven't investigated that. It was installed by a person who 
> should know
> how to do it, but I haven't checked myself, so I'm not sure ;) Maybe 
> I'll do it when
> I have some time.

You could just check the CPU fan, or replace it with a better one. 
There's also the motherboard temperature to look at.

> Yeah. My box (not the one mentioned) has one part of cover completely 
> removed ;)
> But I' thinking of closing it one day ;)

Running with the case open is a good way to keep things cool, actually 
(unless the airflow design is very efficient, which it usually isn't).

- Purr

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