[RC5] How to configure client to leave idle CPU time?

Wacław Schiller torinthiel at megapolis.pl
Tue Sep 7 11:44:46 EDT 2004

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 23:18:07 +0800, Elektron <elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> > About month ago ;)
> > It's just that it's a bit too hot for this CPU & fan. And I'm not 
> > buying a new fan for
> > a box on which nothing CPU-eating except dnetc is run. Hell, the most 
> > CPU-eating
> > apps there are browser and solitare.
> Not really. dnet doesn't use the FPU, so it probably doesn't use quite as much power as
> it could. But for an old-ish computer, running it specifically for dnetc doesn't seem
> worthwhile.

It's not that old ;) It's an Athlon XP, that is just used mainly to launch an SQL querry 
at a remote server and to play solitare waiting for this querry to finish.
And I'm not running it specifically for dnetc. I've just installed it and told not to 
change anything in usage. The querries run for a few hours sometimes, during which 
the CPU really has nothing to do.

> > Maybe, I haven't investigated that. It was installed by a person who 
> > should know
> > how to do it, but I haven't checked myself, so I'm not sure ;) Maybe 
> > I'll do it when
> > I have some time.
> You could just check the CPU fan, or replace it with a better one. There's also the
> motherboard temperature to look at.

Only other temperature the MB software shows is circa 20deg lower then the CPU one.
And when I noticed the CPU reaching 78 I've paused dnetc for 3 minutes, which
lowered thes to 70. The temperature was raising slower and slower, I just didn't check 
if 78 was stable or growing very very slowly.

> Running with the case open is a good way to keep things cool, actually (unless the
> airflow design is very efficient, which it usually isn't).

Unless the user complains about noise. I got used to it, but can't force others.

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