[RC5] Long-term projects: exponential and logarithmic growth

VovansystemS nikolaev at tut.by
Sat Sep 11 08:13:53 EDT 2004

Hello nations :)

> perhaps our computer power doesn't double every 
> 18 months
Moore  said:  "number of transistors in PC processors doubles every 18
months" (but not RC5 processing power ;) )

> Not really. dnet doesn't use the FPU, so it probably doesn't use quite
> as much power as it could. But for an old-ish computer, running it 
> specifically for dnetc doesn't seem worthwhile.
i  examined  the  power,  which uses dnetc on coppermine Celeron-950.
It's  about  20  Watts of difference between stopped and running dnetc
process (if i'm not mistaken)

> Running with the case open is a good way to keep things cool, actually
> (unless the airflow design is very efficient, which it usually isn't).
hmmm.. it's cool for processor but not for other devices on which fans
are  missing (for example video or hdd) because circulating way of air
changes..  and dust(spray) may kill you hardware if you have such nice
carpet on the floor as i have :)

Best Regards,
   VovansystemS from Belarus

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