[RC5] Long-term projects: exponential and logarithmic growth

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Sun Sep 12 06:27:10 EDT 2004

On 11 Sep, 2004, at 20:13, VovansystemS wrote:

> Hello nations :)
>> perhaps our computer power doesn't double every
>> 18 months
> Moore  said:  "number of transistors in PC processors doubles every 18
> months" (but not RC5 processing power ;) )

Well, certainly, the growth of RC5-64 hasn't kept up with the increases 
in clock speed (though you could probably attribute those to the US 
economy at the time).

>> Not really. dnet doesn't use the FPU, so it probably doesn't use quite
>> as much power as it could. But for an old-ish computer, running it
>> specifically for dnetc doesn't seem worthwhile.
> i  examined  the  power,  which uses dnetc on coppermine Celeron-950.
> It's  about  20  Watts of difference between stopped and running dnetc
> process (if i'm not mistaken)

... whereas I think the maximum power usage of a G4 is 30-some watts... 
that's a lot. But until something crashes, it's really no big deal.

>> Running with the case open is a good way to keep things cool, actually
>> (unless the airflow design is very efficient, which it usually isn't).
> hmmm.. it's cool for processor but not for other devices on which fans
> are  missing (for example video or hdd) because circulating way of air
> changes..  and dust(spray) may kill you hardware if you have such nice
> carpet on the floor as i have :)

Well, unless you actually have something to channel air along your HD, 
it's cooler to run it open-air (traditionally, hard disks are crammed 
so close together that it's impossible to get any decent air flow, so 
if you mount two of them, they'll get really hot). It also reduces the 
motherboard temperature, since the air from the CPU isn't trapped 
inside the case (a bigger CPU fan also seems to increase the 
motherboard temperature).

Video chips, and hard disks for that matter, don't seem to mind heat as 
much, anyway. I'm still thinking of finding a way to channel air for my 
external hard disk, though (right now, it involves opening the case and 
sticking a fan beside the HD).

I've never had the problem of dust killing computers. It doesn't really 
conduct electricity. The most it can do is clog fans, but then, fans 
will get clogged from dust it sucks in anyway.

OTOH, you have to be more careful about drinks, and stuff like screws 
(once, I took out the clock battery when the computer was running, and 
promptly shorted something, with a big spark, and IIRC, the power 
shutting off and something not working (I think it was the game port? 
Though, come to think of it, that might have been what killed one of 
the sound ports).

- Purr

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