[RC5] Long-term projects: exponential and logarithmic growth

VovansystemS nikolaev at tut.by
Sun Sep 12 07:55:42 EDT 2004

Hello nations :)

> I've never had the problem of dust killing computers. It doesn't really
> conduct electricity. The most it can do is clog fans, but then, fans
> will get clogged from dust it sucks in anyway.
yes,  but  it can also soil memory and other slots. For example in the
school, where I was taught, at least 1 of 3 memory slots are soiled by
dust which comes from processor's fan (computers are very old and dust
has  been compressed into hard (!) substance, which prevents interting
a new memory module..

> OTOH, you have to be more careful about drinks, and stuff like screws
yes, yes, yes.. for example on old case of my fiend was usually opened
and was situated on his table. He is very crazy man (mad on computers)
and  that's  why  he  takes  food  near PC. And he has got a very nice
aluminium  plate,  which his mother loves to put on the table near his
opened  case :) IIRC, he sticked up the bottom of his case with Scotch
tape for not shorting his moterboard with the plate with soup ;)

Best Regards,
   VovansystemS from Belarus

my Winamp is now playing 'N.R.M. - Беларускi шлях'

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