[RC5] Hello and questions...

Astin Ra'k endorphaholic at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 1 20:09:47 EDT 2005

Thank goodness, I thought everyone on the mailing list
was asleep.

Hello everyone, I am new to Distributed.net (3 weeks
now) and I am very happy with how the client works and
that there are no bugs that I have occured.

My one question is, why isn't there more content on
the website that describes how to configure and
optimize the settings for your particular preference?

I just wonder how many people don't continue on with
the program because they can't figure out how to make
everything work well for them.

Also, how do the people that submit 20,000+ blocks per
day do that?  Do these people have access to an
incredibly fast multiple processor machine or are they
networks of systems?

Take care and talk to you all soon.

Astin Begue.

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