[RC5] Hello and questions...

Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Mon Aug 1 21:36:39 EDT 2005

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 05:09:47PM -0700, Astin Ra'k wrote:
> My one question is, why isn't there more content on
> the website that describes how to configure and
> optimize the settings for your particular preference?

Partly because no one's ever raised it as an issue and partly because no
one's volunteered to write it. What specific issues are you having? The
client is intended to be as ready-to-go out of the box as possible.

> Also, how do the people that submit 20,000+ blocks per
> day do that?  Do these people have access to an
> incredibly fast multiple processor machine or are they
> networks of systems?

Most likely a network.
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