[RC5] Power PC G4 vs. G5

Jerome Lamarque globulle at mac.com
Mon Aug 1 21:38:25 EDT 2005

'lo 'veryone
À 16:07 -0700 1/08/2005, Ben Payne tapotait avec ses mimines pleines 
de doigts :

>I have been very surprised by the relative performance of the G4 and 
>the G5 processors.  I'm hoping that some people here can confirm my 
>finding and/or possibly explain why this would be occurring.  I have 
>noticed that the 7450 core is the fastest for both the G4 and G5 
>processors.  I have also noticed that there is a 970 core but it has 
>been disabled.    
>So here are the numbers I'm getting:
>I have a dual processor G5 1.8 GHz it does ~18 million keys a sec
>I have a 1.4 GHz mac mini that does ~15 million keys a sec.
>That all sound good until you add the fact that the G5 has two 
>processors and is actually clock-for-clock less than 50% the key 
>rate of the G4.
>G5: 18 / 1.8 / 2 = 5 million keys per sec per GHz per CPU
>G4: 15 / 1.4 = 10.7 million keys per sec per GHz per CPU

Have you considered the fact that there is a setting in the client to 
tell it to use all the processors of a machine ?
And are you sure you correctly read the figures ?
I have a Dual G5 1.8GHz at work and it says it crunches 18x10^6 k/sec 
per processor.
That's 36x10^6 k/sec.

Either you don't read the figures correctly or you should check if 
you really have two processors in your G5 ;)
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