[RC5] Power PC G4 vs. G5

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Tue Aug 2 11:58:21 EDT 2005

On 2 Aug, 2005, at 15:31, Ben Payne wrote:

> So I did a bit more checking.  Running the benchmark tells me that I 
> can do 13.3 million k/sec.  However when I run the client in normal 
> mode I only get ~9 million k/sec per processor for a total of ~18 
> million k/sec, if I'm reading the logging right.  The client starts 
> two crunchers and auto detects two processors.  Activity monitor show 
> the process with 3 thread and taking ~190% of the CPU.  System Info 
> and physical inspection both show that I have 2 processors (as well as 
> my checkbook).
> One thing I find very odd about these results is the discrepancy 
> between the bench numbers and the actual numbers.  All the other 
> systems that I have run on, had very small differences between these 
> two figures (less than 10%).  Of course all the other systems where 
> not dual processors.  I did a bit of playing with the settings and 
> found that I could get the number when running in normal mode to match 
> the bench numbers if I kicked the priority up to 9.  I have other OSX 
> system that don't show this discrepancy.  So I'm not sure what the 
> cause is, but it's nice to find another 6 million k/sec!!!

Does it auto-select the same core?

And what other processes are running at the time?

- Purr

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