[RC5] 1 HT CPU is not a real dual cpu

Astin Ra'k endorphaholic at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 14:39:29 EDT 2005

Yes Olivier, I think you are correct.  And yes I agree
that the 15% decrease in performance isn't acceptable.

Astin, it's may be because of 1 HT CPU is not a real
dual cpu ... HT 
consumes some processing power to establish quantas i
guess. But 
1.000.000 less is to much i agree

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> Yes, to agree with your Dual processor data, I find
> the same thing on my new Intel 3.0GHz P4.
> When I allow only 1 processor to crunch, I am able
> achieve 7,000,000 keys per second, but when I run 2
> crunchers and use both processors, I am limited to
> 6,000,000 keys per second.
> Another issue is that when only one processor is
> active, the computer over heats and shuts down. 
> Probably need to add some additional cooling.
> Astin.

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