[RC5] Website Content Suggestions

Astin Ra'k endorphaholic at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 15:24:18 EDT 2005

Jim, Thank you for the response.

1st, please let me say that the clients are very well
programmed!  And I agree that they are ready to go out
of the box.

And let me also add that I have enjoyed my very short
time at Distributed.net and learning about
distributive computing.  And trying to submit as many
work units as possible with x86 chips :-)  Darn mac's!

But here is my insight.  And remember I am new and
represent a completely non-informed and non-biased
humble opinion.

It was difficult to find my way to this list to talk
with other knowledgeable people about the project and
client.  I mean, it took me 60 seconds to download and
start the client, but 3 weeks to find the conversation

Then, when I first downloaded the client and started
running, I wondered what the heck OGR-P2 was.  And why
since we were going after the RC5 crack, what was I
wasting time on OGR.

Then several of my computers only have sporadic
Internet access to transfer files.  And I didn't want
them to run out of work.  It would be nice to have a
help file that explains to people what would be
optimized for their system.  If you are running a
500MHz P3, 24 work units is a days supply, but if you
have the faster PC's, that would take more than 5+
connections per day to transfer files.

Jim, I am not just a complainer :-)  I would love to
learn more and to help other Distributed.net people
maximize their efforts.  Anything that I can do to
help, I will be more than willing to do.

Does the client configuration have a help file that
really details out every aspect of configuration?

My last thoughts, where have all the people gone? 
Were a lot of people that participated in RC5-64 put
off because of the size and time duration required for

Have a lot of people went to other distributive
computing projects?

How can we attract and maintain more of the people who
come to Distributed.net?  There have been over 65,000
people who have submitted work, but only @ 15% are
active on a daily basis.

Again I wasn't around for the 64 crack so this may be
a completely normal performance %.  But as a new
member I wish it were more.

Thanks for listening and let me know if there is more
that I can do to help.


On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 05:09:47PM -0700, Astin Ra'k
> My one question is, why isn't there more content on
> the website that describes how to configure and
> optimize the settings for your particular

Partly because no one's ever raised it as an issue and
partly because 
one's volunteered to write it. What specific issues
are you having? The
client is intended to be as ready-to-go out of the box
as possible.

> Also, how do the people that submit 20,000+ blocks
> day do that?  Do these people have access to an
> incredibly fast multiple processor machine or are
> networks of systems?

Most likely a network.

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