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Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Wed Aug 3 16:10:45 EDT 2005

On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 03:41:18PM -0400, Jonathan Smith wrote:
> I wish the key rate history for rc5-64 was still active so I could double
> check my recollections, but they should be too far off.

The data is still in the database if you'd like to write a PHP page to
make it available on the web. :)

Actually, daily_totals_raw.php is the script that used to return that
info, but it never got migrated from Sybase to PostgreSQL. There's
probably a bug open on this; if not you should open one.

In other words, I'm not going to write this anytime soon myself, but
I'll be happy to help you do it. :)

> So I wouldn't be too discouraged by the fact that rc5-74 is still at only
> 0.247% complete.  That rate is bound to improve greatly.
> 	Jonathan
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> Jim, Thank you for the response.
> 1st, please let me say that the clients are very well programmed!  And I
> agree that they are ready to go out of the box.
> And let me also add that I have enjoyed my very short
> time at Distributed.net and learning about
> distributive computing.  And trying to submit as many
> work units as possible with x86 chips :-)  Darn mac's!
> But here is my insight.  And remember I am new and
> represent a completely non-informed and non-biased
> humble opinion.
> It was difficult to find my way to this list to talk
> with other knowledgeable people about the project and
> client.  I mean, it took me 60 seconds to download and
> start the client, but 3 weeks to find the conversation
> list!
> Then, when I first downloaded the client and started
> running, I wondered what the heck OGR-P2 was.  And why
> since we were going after the RC5 crack, what was I
> wasting time on OGR.
> Then several of my computers only have sporadic
> Internet access to transfer files.  And I didn't want
> them to run out of work.  It would be nice to have a
> help file that explains to people what would be
> optimized for their system.  If you are running a
> 500MHz P3, 24 work units is a days supply, but if you
> have the faster PC's, that would take more than 5+
> connections per day to transfer files.
> Jim, I am not just a complainer :-)  I would love to
> learn more and to help other Distributed.net people
> maximize their efforts.  Anything that I can do to
> help, I will be more than willing to do.
> Does the client configuration have a help file that
> really details out every aspect of configuration?
> My last thoughts, where have all the people gone? 
> Were a lot of people that participated in RC5-64 put
> off because of the size and time duration required for
> 72?
> Have a lot of people went to other distributive
> computing projects?
> How can we attract and maintain more of the people who
> come to Distributed.net?  There have been over 65,000
> people who have submitted work, but only @ 15% are
> active on a daily basis.
> Again I wasn't around for the 64 crack so this may be
> a completely normal performance %.  But as a new
> member I wish it were more.
> Thanks for listening and let me know if there is more
> that I can do to help.
> Astin.
> On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 05:09:47PM -0700, Astin Ra'k
> wrote:
> > My one question is, why isn't there more content on
> > the website that describes how to configure and
> > optimize the settings for your particular
> preference?
> Partly because no one's ever raised it as an issue and
> partly because 
> no
> one's volunteered to write it. What specific issues
> are you having? The
> client is intended to be as ready-to-go out of the box
> as possible.
> > Also, how do the people that submit 20,000+ blocks
> per
> > day do that?  Do these people have access to an
> > incredibly fast multiple processor machine or are
> they
> > networks of systems?
> Most likely a network.
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