[RC5] Re: rc5 Digest, Vol 24, Issue 4

Astin Ra'k endorphaholic at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 4 09:58:07 EDT 2005


Thank you for that insight.  I was thinking far to
hard about the now and not about the future.  You are
absolutely correct.  I will be interesting to see what
the computers are going to be like 5 years from now.


For the % completed so far, obviously we are going
slower than the 
project.  Rc5-72 is a much more difficult task and the
project hasn't 
in size to compensate.  However even with rc5-64 my
recollection is 
while it took 1,726 days (almost 5 years) to find the
key, it took at 
1 year and I think almost 2 years to pass the 1%
complete mark.  

Towards the end of the project, we could have redone
all the work from 
first year in a matter of days.

That gain was due to gaining additional support in
terms of new
participants, additional performance optimizations in
the cores, 
computers being added, and Moore's law raising the
speed of new 
Using the 18 month doubling rule of thumb for Moore's
law, by the end 
of the
project new computer performance had doubled over 3
times since the

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