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Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Sat Aug 6 05:06:03 EDT 2005

On 6 Aug, 2005, at 03:08, Nathan Klassen wrote:

> In many ways, even though there are other encryption algorithms to 
> crack and other related contests to participate in, D.net has already 
> contributed far more to the global encryption policy debate than it 
> could have ever hoped for. The project itself has become divided, 
> focusing upon OGR and RC5-72, splitting our resources. Its true that 
> in the past some contests ran simultaneously, and some individuals 
> opted not to participate in the mad scamble that was DESIII. However, 
> more or less, our point has been made.  Personally, RC5-72 even if we 
> complete it tomorrow will not alter cryptographic policy nor address 
> privacy concerns, nor even really demonstrate that its insecure. A 
> product that can withstand the concerted attack of tens of thousands 
> of computers for just over 2.5 years, is 'reasonably' secure.  ITAR 
> restrictions have been significantly relaxed, I even think I read at 
> one point that ITAR restrictions on encryption had been lifted but its 
> been a long time since I looked.

Well, perhaps some more useful projects would be finding weaknesses in 

And then, perhaps the most worrying thing these days is anything that 
uses WEP, especially '64-bit' WEP. Or anything that uses RC4, for that 

- Purr

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