[RC5] Quantity of Work Units

Benjamin Kaufman thumper at alderflats.com
Sat Aug 6 21:33:56 EDT 2005

The case used to be, and I think it still is, that if work is not
returned in 6 weeks, it's done again.

So, I think 1 week should be fine.

Benjamin 'thumper^' Kaufman

On 06-Aug-2005, Astin Ra'k wrote:
> Question:
> I have a computer that process @ 120 RC5 packets per
> day.  However, it only has Internet access to transfer
> packets once per week.
> Is it a problem to have this computer download 1,000
> packets and work on them thoughout the week and then
> transfer them when it has access?
> Will this create a problem?  Didn't know if this would
> create multiple people working on the same packet of
> information or if it would create some type of
> overload problem is the client.
> Thanks for the help.

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