[RC5] Client for Windows/64Bit

Travis nowhererx7 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 15 15:49:38 EDT 2005

I thought that there was a 64-bit Windows XP available...  Or is it not a
true 64-bit OS?
I'll have to go read up on it and see what the whole story is.


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From: "Emerson Gomes" <emerson at objetivo-malto.com.br>
Subject: Re: [RC5] Client for Windows/64Bit

> IMHO, the only hope for projects such as RC5 is new hardware. It has been
> going on almost 3 years and haven't reached 0.3% yet. It's sad, but old
> hardware won't really help at all.
> I noticed there's a 64bit version of Linux already, I'll check it out
> although here at least, the Linux version tends to run a little slower
> the Windows version on the same machine. :(
> Regards,
> Emerson

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