[RC5] Multiple Machines Running D.net

Benjamin Kaufman thumper at alderflats.com
Mon Aug 15 16:21:46 EDT 2005

If they are similar enough machines, you install and configure one one
and copy to the directory to the rest.

Then, just fire them up and let it go.

In my case I have pre-configured dnetc installs for OSX and win32 on my
thumb drive. I just drag them off and run when I want to isntall on a
new machine.

Benjamin 'thumper^' Kaufman

On 15-Aug-2005, Emerson Gomes wrote:
> Ok, I fed up trying to get OpenMosix to run a D.net Cluster.
> Does anyone knows of a easier way to run D.net on multiple machines without 
> having to install (and configure) the client in each one of them? 
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