[RC5] Multiple Machines Running D.net

Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Tue Aug 16 14:47:21 EDT 2005

Hi Astin!

03 Aug 2005, "Astin Ra'k" <endorphaholic at yahoo.com> wrote:

 Ak> Then, when I first downloaded the client and started
 Ak> running, I wondered what the heck OGR-P2 was.
 Ak> And why since we were going after the RC5 crack,
 Ak> what was I wasting time on OGR.

Who told you that "we" are going after the RC5 "crack"??
(what crack ?? the rc5-72 project is about brute force finding the key which
decodes a specific ciphertext.)

distributed.net is about distributed computing in general not about rc5

And I'm very glad that there is an alternative project to rc5 in the dnet

 Ak> Does the client configuration have a help file that
 Ak> really details out every aspect of configuration?
the configuration comes with help text inside the client.
eg there is an explanation for every option.
This is ample information to figure out what the option is all about.

 Ak> My last thoughts, where have all the people gone?
 Ak> Were a lot of people that participated in RC5-64 put
 Ak> off because of the size and time duration required for 72?

many people don't see any meaning in it.
RC5-64 was IMHO started when US crypto export regulations were still in
So the reason for me to participate was to demonstrate how stupid the US

BUt I personally don't see the reason why to participate in followup rc5
(eg. we proved that we can do it, we know how many keys we crunch, we know
the key is there, and we know how much harder the new project is ....
i don't see what can be scientifically proven by doing rc5-72 in practice)

 Ak> Have a lot of people went to other distributive
 Ak> computing projects?
I'm now working on ogr.
But I guess that the mersenne prime search or superPI are also very

 Ak> How can we attract and maintain more of the people who
 Ak> come to Distributed.net?

come out with new interesting and meaningful projects for the dnet
Sadly this is easier written than done, because you need a good idea for a
project and you need the human ressources to get it started.

 Ak> Astin.

CU, Ricsi

PS: Since when does distributed.net use the Sender Policy Framework for
I had to resend the message through the web interface of GMX to get it
through ://

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