[RC5] Client for Windows/64Bit

sdodson at sdodson.com sdodson at sdodson.com
Thu Aug 18 10:31:27 EDT 2005

> On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Scott Dodson wrote:
>> XP-64 was released a few months ago and we're just now seeing mainstream
>> driver support for it, I imagine OEMs will switch soon.  I think we'll
>> see the fastest move to 64bit when Vista is released.  It's taken about
>> two years for the chip to become mainstream, I imagine it will take
>> another year or so for software vendors to catch up.
> All of that is probably sadly perfectly true in that part of the world,
> but consider for a moment that for the last year I've been using a very
> stable very snappy amazingly cheap Opteron box as my primary desktop with
> a fully 64-bit OS, applications, browser, dual-monitor support with 64-bit
> drivers and it happened to include complete source code and award winning
> web server, database server, and NSA-developed security.  Obviously I'm
> talking about Linux.  I understand this entire discussion started because
> the OP asked about AMD64 support on Windows, but I think its important to
> note when the software vendors in question are the proprietary closed
> source software vendors and not the open source software vendors that have
> had a production-quality product with apps and dev tools in the field for
> over a year now.  Windows (really IE, but they're inseperable according to
> MS so its all the same right? Anyway...) so Windows gets tabbed browsing
> really soon now too.  Yee-haw.  At least for me personaly Windows has
> become merely a gaming platform.  I understand other people have "legacy
> needs" for Windows and I'm not saying Windows isn't "important", but when
> how it is in the Windows world gets purveyed as how it is in the Whole
> world I tend to get a bit amused.  :)

Sorry, I should have made it clear I was only speaking to 92% of the world
and the vast majority of the users.

1) Windows holds approximately 92% of the desktop market share.
2) Windows accounts for more work submitted to distributed.net than all
other platforms COMBINED.
3) Just a bit more detailed, it accounts for over 72% of all the RC5-72 work.

Also I don't mean to snub the efforts of anyone who doesn't run windows as
your processor time and effort are of course very valuable.

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