[RC5] The monetary costs of distributed computing

Daniel Quintiliani danq at ptd.net
Sun Feb 27 21:58:49 EST 2005

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I was just curious as to how much it costs to run dnetc on a
computer, considering the fact that it prevents the computer
 from going into power saving mode (with the exception of the
monitor). So I found a calculator at http://www.energystar.gov
(the direct link to the site is

I used the calculator in Advanced mode. I used their average of
7.1c/kWh and changed the numbers to 24 hours, 7 days a week
(just for a maximum). To calculate the "no dnetc" value, I
cleared the "% Units Turned Off After Work" and left the "% Time
Units Sleep During Workday" values alone, and for the "with
dnetc" value, I did the same but cleared the value for the
computer under "% Time Units Sleep During Workday."

No dnetc, 1 computer, 1 monitor: about $36.03/yr to keep it
running 24/7
With dnetc, 1 computer, 1 monitor: about $55.45/yr to keep it
running 24/7

So, basically, running dnetc costs up to about $20/yr per
computer, depending on how long you leave your computer on.

Also, according to the calculator, running dnetc on a computer
24/7 causes an additional 392 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions
per year.

Interesting. BTW, if anyone has been watching the stats (I just
took a look at it) we are closely edging up to 0.2% on RC5.
Also, the OGRp2 was recently updated to 22.46%, although it was
not mentioned by anyone on the list or the plans.


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