[RC5] Stats RSS Feed?

Dmitri Gribenko gribozavr at voliacable.com
Sun Jan 2 11:07:05 EST 2005


> Is there any provided functionality like this that would pull in your
> RC5 and/or OGR stats for display?
Yes, there is! You can fetch "raw" stats (blocks flushed on some day) with 
this URL:
PROJECT_ID is 8 for RC5-72, 25 for OGR-P2
YOUR_PARTICIPANT_ID is your participant id :)
Then, you can parse that page with some Perl script.

> Or perhaps someone has built something like this that I could look at
> and modify? My web page is running PostNuke if that helps. I am just
> looking to add a block that would display my stats for each contest. I
> do not run any sort of personal proxy to report against.
I've written a Perl script that downloads raw RC5-72 stats, parses them and 
creates some pretty plots with gnuplot. The script is covered by GPL, so you 
can modify it. You can leave the parser and the computations, but change the 
gnuplot script output with HTML output. You can get the script here:

Dmitri Gribenko

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