[RC5] CPU/OS Distribution stats page question

Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Wed Jan 5 20:12:43 EST 2005

If you look through the complete bug history of these issues, there is
an open bug/TODO item to create a system that relates client
version/os/cpu into 'real' os/cpu. The OS and CPU id fields as reported
by clients have sometimes been reused, etc, so it's impossible to
accurately correlate this information without taking client version into
account as well.

On Tue, Dec 28, 2004 at 02:56:47PM +0100, Didier Levet wrote:
> Le 28 d?c. 04, ? 14:31, Dmitri Gribenko a ?crit :
> >Hello everyone!
> >
> >>It's not Mac OS X but Darwin/x86. It turns out an OS ID was created 
> >>for
> >>Darwin (x86
> >>and PPC), and this ID is now meant to be Mac OS X since several users
> >>complained
> >>about Darwin/PPC being no longer relevant (there's a bug filed in
> >>bugzilla on this topic).
> >So, the statspage's text should be changed: "Mac OS X/x86" --> 
> >"Darwin/x86".
> >
> >>In short, the same OS ID applies for Darwin (old stuff) and Mac OS X.
> >This must be fixed in the client's source.
> What must be fixed, in this case, is the stats page. Since there's no 
> Darwin/x86
> client, there's no need to keep this entry. Using another OS ID for Mac 
> OS X is
> not an option, unless you want to reset the counter and/or lower Mac OS 
> X rank.
> Messing with stats code for cosmetic changes is not an option either.
> This OS ID is really meant to be for Mac OS X for quite some time now
> (since Mac OS 10.1, IIRC). Said otherwise, the Darwin/x86 client was not
> supposed to use this ID which was already known as Darwin/Mac OS X
> (that is, Mac-only).
> All in all, I won't use yet another OS ID for the Mac OS X client. If 
> "Mac OS X/x86"
> hurts you so much, the best way to handle this issue is to remove this 
> entry from
> the stats page.
> Didier.
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