[RC5] Stats RSS Feed?

Jim C. Nasby decibel at distributed.net
Fri Jan 7 17:07:43 EST 2005

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 11:12:06AM -0600, Ben Gavin wrote:
> Of course, if we go XML for everything, then we need to figure out
> some way of getting XML out of the database layer itself [without an
> intervening PHP page], or we're introducing an XML translation step
> for every page in the system, which is probably sub-optimal [even with
> caching of the XML output].  I don't know that PostgreSQL has an XML
> output method, so this may not be an option at this time.  We've
> already got classes which generate all the lists we need, so maybe
> introducing the XML step for everything at this time is a bad idea...

I'm not sure why you feel this is the case. There's no reason we can't
use PHP or Java or what-have-you as a middle-tier that talks to the
database and generates XML data. This XML data could then be converted
into any format we needed.
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