[RC5] Who's interested in working on stats?

Rick Davis wizard00 at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 1 20:44:39 EST 2005

Hi there!

I am pretty new to dist.net but I am slowly growing my team and 
productivity. As chance would have it I am working on a minor in Statistics 
and I would love to help in any way I can.

Please drop me an e-mail off the list and we can talk more about what you 
need and what I feel I can help with.

-Rick Davis

> Anyone who's taken a gander at the list of stats bugs in bugzilla
> recently knows that there's a ton of fixes and improvements that are
> slated for stats. The problem is that there's not really any staff
> members who are currently working on any of these items, at least not
> with any regularity. This is just the reality of the amount of output
> you can get from a small group of volunteers, myself included.
> Fortunately, stats is one section of our code that is completely, 100%
> open. Anyone on this list can download it and start hacking away. My
> question is: is there anyone who's interested in doing this?
> For those of you who are thinking "I don't know X, Y, or Z, so there's
> no way I could work on stats", there's no reason to think that way.
> There's any number of ways you can help. First, stats uses a very broad
> range of tools; PostgreSQL, sh, perl, PHP, and CSS come to mind. Second,
> there's plenty of bugs that are either minor fixes, or don't require a
> lot of knowledge to tackle. Third, there's plenty of help available, on
> irc, on statsdev@, and even on this list. Most important, you learn by
> doing. Personally, stats was the first sizeable client-server database I
> ever worked on. I learned by doing, and you can too.
> This is your chance to play an active role in the development of
> distributed.net. I know there's certainly a lot of talented people who
> run dnetc; just looking at the user-written utilities proves that. As
> well as those who pull data from stats.distributed.net to do other kinds
> of analysis on.
> So, who's interested?
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