[RC5] RC5 roughly doubling at this point?

Elektron elektron_rc5 at yahoo.ca
Fri Mar 4 03:49:26 EST 2005

On 4 Mar, 2005, at 02:13, Daniel Quintiliani wrote:

> I assume this means that RC5 is roughly doubling at this point?

You really need more than three points to make a guess like that.

RC5-64 had a nearly constant keyrate for its last few years. Our 
keyrate is still going up, but vaguely linearly (the graph is very, 
very wiggly). It's not an ideal graph (it would probably work better if 
you quantised things into weeks, since the longest predictable 
variation seems to be weekly).

Right now, it looks like either the rate of growth is decreasing 
(drawing a line from july to july), or the rate of growth is fairly 
constant (drawing a line from april 2003 to now).

At any rate, the time to completion is far longer than the current time 
we have stats for, and tiny little details will matter a lot in 17 
years. Wait another 3 years and we may have stats that show some sort 
of trend (or they may continue to be vague).

- Purr

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