[RC5] PHP Stats Program

Dmitri Gribenko gribozavr at voliacable.com
Sat Mar 26 01:22:33 EST 2005


You may want to take a look at my script. It doesn't parse the log file,
but takes the stats from
Script is written in perl. What it does:
1. Downloads the "raw stats"
2. Computes some interesting values: total blocks, active days, inactive
days, best day, best rate, daily, weekly and total keyrates etc.
3. Saves the data in some file in /tmp
4. Outputs a gnuplot script to stdout.
To run the script:
$ ./rc5_stats.pl | gnuplot

You can get the script here: http://gribozavr.narod.ru/rc5_stats.pl
The output: http://gribozavr.narod.ru/stats.html (script doesn't create
html file, it was created for the pleasure of viewing).

What about your script, i have two suggestions: it wold be better to
make the table of months horizontal rather than vertical: graph wold
have looked more natural. It would be also good to plot the keyrates
(especially weekly and total).

Dmitri Gribenko

Version: 3.12
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