[RC5] PHP Stats Program

Floris Dansen Floppus at Chello.nl
Sat Mar 26 02:11:45 EST 2005


For the ones interested, a PhP version of the popular ppstats is being made.
It's not yet finished, but I understand the author intends to make it
publicly available as soon as it's workable.

One thing, for example, is the size of the database required to keep the
stats quick (realtime).
It also includes a user-management module (bind names to IP), excludes
duplicates from stats (as d.net does) and displays them on a separate page.


The author can be found on the forums of http://forum.dsmarty.com with
nickname "Madman"


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I checked out your script.  Very nice work.  Thank you for the
suggestions.  I suppose I could make the table of months horizontal
but then people would have to scroll side to side.  I guess it could
work.  I'll play around with it a bit.  As for the keyrates, I have
the avgerage computed at the end but like you said it would be good to
compute it for each month.  I'm going to try to incorporate OGR stats
in it as well.


On Sat, 26 Mar 2005 08:22:33 +0200, Dmitri Gribenko
<gribozavr at voliacable.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> You may want to take a look at my script. It doesn't parse the log file,
> but takes the stats from
> Script is written in perl. What it does:
> 1. Downloads the "raw stats"
> 2. Computes some interesting values: total blocks, active days, inactive
> days, best day, best rate, daily, weekly and total keyrates etc.
> 3. Saves the data in some file in /tmp
> 4. Outputs a gnuplot script to stdout.
> To run the script:
> $ ./rc5_stats.pl | gnuplot
> You can get the script here: http://gribozavr.narod.ru/rc5_stats.pl
> The output: http://gribozavr.narod.ru/stats.html (script doesn't create
> html file, it was created for the pleasure of viewing).
> What about your script, i have two suggestions: it wold be better to
> make the table of months horizontal rather than vertical: graph wold
> have looked more natural. It would be also good to plot the keyrates
> (especially weekly and total).
> Dmitri Gribenko
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