[RC5] stats downtime

bert bertodell at charter.net
Sun Nov 20 10:13:40 EST 2005

Thanks for that explanation Chris


Chris Jones wrote:

> It depends on how long it takes them to get the card installed, get 
> everything tested, and get it back operational.
> As I understand it (I'm not terribly well-versed on the hardware side 
> of stats-box) the new card is a few models higher, and a few years 
> newer.  IIRC, it supports a whole host of things the current one 
> doesn't.  Plus, it was noted that the vendor won't cross-ship (send us 
> a replacement while we send back the faulty one), so we'd have to ship 
> the entire unit back -- which could mean potentially weeks of 
> unavailability, during which we wouldn't even have the server.
> bert wrote:
>> Noting from the latest .plan that You guys are going to be ordering a 
>> new card instead of having the vendor replace it as the box is under 
>> warranty,is the new card different from the one that went bad? And 
>> aside from the database and the card problems were there other 
>> problems not noted so far?  Is is a real possibility that stats will 
>> remain down for at least another week?
>> Bert
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