[RC5] Jubilee

Vadim Tukaev shiz0rat at real.xakep.ru
Fri Nov 25 08:51:00 EST 2005

rick at nickhart.com wrote:
>>My team celebrating first anniversary. Congratulations! Two weeks before
>>there was another team festivity: we are calculate 100.000-th RC5-block.
> Congrats Vadim and team!  My team of one is approaching 200.000 blocks in
> the RC5-72 project; of course, I've been working on the project from the
> start.

Give me information about your team. For example, creed and purpose. My 
team give spiritual support to initiative of opening OS/2 sources. It 
dosn't mean, that members must be OS/2-users. You can even don't know, 
what is OS/2. I just put two links to petitions on web-page of my team:

PetitionOnline - http://www.petitiononline.com/OS24FREE/petition.html
OS/2 World - http://www.os2world.com/petition/

Any human, who likes OS/2 or OpenSource, can submit any of them or both. 
May be, I change motto again in future. My team just uniting my friends 
(initially it was named "shiz0rat and his friends"), not propagandizing.

Open OS/2! (Members: 14; Rank: 1122; Blocks: 105059; Working: 372 days)

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