[RC5] Help with justification of running Dnet at work

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Sun Apr 9 18:55:44 EDT 2006

Elektron wrote:
> Probably the biggest reason he doesn't want to run it is he doesn't like 
> the idea that somebody wants to take computing power, however small, 
> away from him. They're his computers, so only he should be able to 
> decide what runs and what doesn't, and the thought that someone else 
> gets to decide is upsetting him.

if this is the case, i'd gently remind him that they are _not_ /his/ computers... they belong to the school... at the 
same time of issuing this gentle reminder, be sure to have your LART available and at the ready... in fact, better yet, 
best use it before and after the gentle reminder just to ensure that he does learn that they are not his computers ;)

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